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Pot Size: 2-year-old seedlings are 6-10" tall in one quart pots

Also Known As: Custard Apple

Mature Size: 20-30' tall and wide. Will spread to form an expanding colony if suckers are allowed to grow.

Zones: 5-9

Soil: Well-draining, consistently moist and very rich soil is best. Will tolerate drier or occasionally wet soils as well.

Light: Shade to Full Sun. Must have shade while small, but produces better in sun at maturity.

Bloom time: April-May

Native to: Southeastern North America, including PA

Benefits: The largest fruit native to North America (besides squash), pawpaws are edible and have a very unique taste and texture (custard-like, with banana and mango notes). The trees are largely immune to pests as the leaves and stems contain a natural pesticide, though Zebra Swallowtail butterfly larvae rear on the leaves. Many mammals feed on the fruit, including opossum, raccoon, bear, and fox. The large, slightly drooping leaves have a tropical look and are attractive, especially in Fall when they turn a golden yellow. Very interesting-looking maroon flowers appear in the Spring, before the leaves, and are pollinated by flies and beetles. This small tree has the potential to help form an understory in the forest (or food forest!) that is resistant to deer browse once established. Great for a rain garden, or an understory near Black Walnut trees.

Tips: Two or more plants are necessary in order to produce fruit. Ensure that young plants are given shade during their first few years, as they will be developing a deep root system, and if possible allow full sunlight once they have reached 3-4 feet in height. This will help to ensure fruit production. Also, consider assisting with pollination, by hand-pollinating flowers or by attracting flies to the trees while they are blooming (some folks tie meat to the trees with string, we put our compost bin next to ours).


These plants are seed grown!


Happy Planting!


Photo credit: Agnieszka Kwiecień, Nova


*Photos often depict plants at full maturity. The plants you receive may appear different depending upon the season and timing of the plant's growth cycle.

Paw Paw (Asimina triloba)

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  • Installation Upon Delivery

    If you would like us to install your plants at your location, choose the "Install upon delivery" option before adding to your cart. Installation includes organic compost, hardwood mulch and mycorrhizal inoculant (for trees and shrubs).


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    If you are choosing to have us install your tree for you and would like us to include Deer and Rodent Protection, choose "Installation plus Deer and Rodent Protection" before adding to your cart.


    The package includes installation, compost, mulch, innoculant, fencing, posts, and protection materials.


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