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Plant and Garden Services

On-Site Consultations:


1-hour consultation at your property (local-within 30 miles of Easton, PA) - $100

Consultation may include:

  • Observation and assessment of your property.

  • Identification to the best of our ability the existing native & introduced flora.

  • On-site recommendations for additional plant species, placement, maintenance, and soil amendments.


The process is led by your needs and questions.

We will do our best to provide the information most helpful to your unique objectives and site conditions.

If you would like a detailed plant suggestion list based on your consultation, we can compile and email one to you for an additional $50 per garden. 


A travel expense of $65 per hour will be added to non-local consultations (31+ miles away).


Garden Sketches and Plans:


Hand-rendered Garden Sketch of areas up to 600 square feet - $450

Includes a plant list and quantities. 


  • An on-site consultation is required before a sketch is made. During this consultation, we will observe site conditions and take any measurements or photos necessary. 

  • Consultation fee and Garden Sketch fee are due before we begin the designing process. 

  • If you would like Plant Magic to install the garden for you, let us know and a free estimate will be included.

  • For multiple gardens, or areas larger than 600 square feet, please inquire for special pricing. As garden sketches take time and care to create by hand, we ask a $50 fee per revision. 

  • At completion, you will receive a pdf file and an 11 x 17" printed copy. 


Plant and Garden Assistance:


 We offer garden crafting, installation and maintenance for $65 per hour, including travel time from Easton, Pa.


Soil amendments, mulch, and any supplies needed may be purchased and supplied by the customer, or we can pick them up from a local garden center, deliver, and bill them at cost (time spent will be billed as labor).


We can also work together with you if you would like to learn more about caring for your gardens!


We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about our services. Please email us anytime at


We accept all major credit cards, Venmo, Paypal, Cash and Check as methods of payment for these services.

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