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Meet the



Joseph Arnold Resch


Joseph has worked in the green industry for over 13 years: landscaping, farming, managing a garden center and a retail nursery, maintaining destination and estate gardens, as well as leading a native tree planting program. He works with Antinanco, a New Jersey-based nonprofit, to help bring back the American Chestnut and other native food producing trees as well as lead hikes and nature-based programs for youth. He also leads a volunteer committee to care for the preserved Land of Columcille Megalith Park in Bangor, PA. His over twelve years of retail management experience have taught him the value of providing friendly, personalized service. The most rewarding thing for him, however, is helping people to connect with Nature, and he draws on a lifetime of experience for that. From the age of five he has been caring for plants and gardening, and his dream is to help bring humankind and Nature back to a peaceful, loving, and mutually beneficial relationship.


Lauren's lifelong appreciation for the interconnectedness of all living things is what drives her passion for preserving ecology and reconnecting humans with the magic of plants. In her early career, Lauren worked with the public, acquiring over 12 years of customer service experience. She contributed to building an herbal business from 2012 to 2018, and offered her homegrown teas and topical remedies to her local community. Lauren serves on the staff at Antinanco, a non-profit located in Holmdel, NJ, as the Green Initiatives Outreach Coordinator. Her main contribution has been recruiting volunteers to help plant American chestnut trees for their Bring Back the American chestnut program. Lauren enjoys growing flowers and herbs, working with herbal medicine and spending time in the forest. She dreams of helping to run a homestead and plant nursery which will serve as a center for peace, abundance and healing for plants, animals, and people.

Lauren Anne Krumm

To learn more about our work with the American chestnut tree visit: 
American Chestnut Revival | antinanco

Check out our article about the project which was published in the United Plant Savers 2021 Journal of Medicinal Plant Conservation here:
Reviving the American Chestnut - Restoring Abundance in Mid-Atlantic Forests

You can reach Joseph or Lauren anytime by emailing:

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